Trendy Wedding Themes To Look Out For

The décor of an event changes the face of the venue completely and since it has an impact on guests, it is important to focus on the décor in order to make your wedding unique compared to the other weddings you’ve been invited to. Here are a few wedding theme ideas to give your venue that trendy appearance.

A royal gala

If you’re the type of bride who dreams of looking nothing less than a princess on your big day, then royal theme is the way to go. You could ditch the classic white deco and add a touch of royal blue or purple to enhance the appearance of the event. You could also opt for a carriage adorned in flower arrangements to add to the royal instead of choosing to arrive in a car. The food and the décor of the event must also be designed in a manner which fits the theme.

Crazy metallics

Although the idea of including metallics at a wedding may not sound appealing. There are several brides who are opting for this theme. Adding a touch of metallic to your wedding décor does not necessarily make the venue appear too flashy. However, it all depends on how it is designed and the extent to which it is included. Ensure that your decorator adds just a pop of gold or silver to décor with a combination of neutral colours to make the décor appear elegant and trendy.

Fresh florals

Arrangements of flowers have been the choice of brides for several decades, as they never seem to go out of fashion. Flowers add a touch of simplicity to décor while ensuring that it appears stylish. You must make bookings at the flower supplier in advance in order to ensure that your choice of flowers are available. You could research for flowers online on several websites which provide information on the seasonal flowers and those which will be available in those months, thus making the task easier for you.


In recent times, rustic themed weddings have escalated tremendously. From customized wooden monograms to handmade entrance signs to cakes served in mason jars, the ideas are endless when it comes to a rustic theme. Hire a planner who to make the designing easier for you, as they will ensure that the wedding cake, décor, entrance, food and all the other aspects are coordinated according to this theme.

No matter which theme you choose, it all depends on the execution. Therefore, hire a professional or get the help of a creative friend in order to make sure the event turns out just as planned.